Discover what happens when the rules and norms governing society break down.

How Is Conflict Changing?

Explore the drivers, forms, and consequences of conflict for world order.

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What Is Interstate Conflict?

Bombs and bullets are not required for countries to come into conflict.

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Understanding Intrastate Conflict

Although wars between countries are declining, conflicts within countries are increasingly threatening world order.

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The Civilian Consequences of Conflict

When cities become battlefields, civilians represent most casualties.

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Resource Conflicts, Explained

Learn how competition over natural resources fuels and finances fighting.

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Eight “Hot Wars” During the Cold War

The United States and the Soviet Union never directly clashed, but the Cold War was far from bloodless.

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Understanding Northern Ireland’s ‘Troubles’

More than twenty years after the Good Friday Agreement was signed, the region offers lessons about the challenges that remain after a conflict ends.

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NATO: The World’s Largest Alliance

Trace NATO’s history and learn how the organization’s mission has evolved over seventy years.

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How Does Artificial Intelligence Influence Conflict?

Killer robots have long been a fear and fascination of humankind. Today, artificial intelligence is making them a reality.

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Conflict Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding.

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