Learn how nationalism, self-determination, and sovereignty shape the world we live in.

What Is Sovereignty?

Understand the principle that has underpinned world order for the past four hundred years.

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How Self-Determination Shaped the Modern World

Learn how the world’s nearly two hundred countries came to be, and whether the map is set in stone.

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Understanding the Constructive and Destructive Natures of Nationalism

Nationalism can unify diverse societies. But when taken to extremes, it can also fuel violence, division, and global disorder.

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The European Union: The World’s Biggest Sovereignty Experiment

Countries fight to protect their sovereignty. So why would they willingly give it up?

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The Rise and Fall of the Responsibility to Protect

Sovereignty is sacred. But when lives are in danger, does that principle still apply?

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Tanks, Sanctions, and Separatists: The Various Challenges to Sovereignty

A government’s authority within its borders gets challenged all the time. Here is how.

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Statelessness Around the World

Without a country to call their own, millions of people experience discrimination and persecution.

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Reimagining Sovereignty in a Global Era

When fires in the Amazon affect countries around the world, is there a need to rethink a centuries-old understanding of sovereignty?

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