Learn how nationalism, self-determination, and sovereignty shape the world we live in.

Model Diplomacy Simulations

Free classroom simulations of either the U.S National Security Council (NSC) or the UN Security Council.

Sovereignty Definition

In this lesson plan, students will use a graphic organizer to apply the definition of sovereignty to a number of examples and explain their thinking.

Compare and Contrast Self-Determination

In this lesson plan, students select examples of self-determination in the world today, present their findings in an infographic, and discuss patterns they discover.

Responsibility to Protect Op-Eds

In this lesson plan, students consider the responsibility to  protect (R2P) doctrine and the balance between protecting human rights and protecting sovereignty, then propose a new doctrine and write an op-ed article supporting that doctrine.

Classroom Reading List

Supplemental readings and other resources to help students explore a full range of issues and debates related to the module materials. The list offers readings well suited to a wide variety of students.