Explore how events before 1900 continue to shape today's world.

Essential Events Before 1900

Explore the seminal moments that laid the groundwork for our global era.

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Why Do We Live in Countries?

Learn how kingdoms and empires gave way to the world map we recognize today.

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How Did Humans Come to Live Longer and Healthier Lives?

Explore centuries of innovations that have revolutionized health care.

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What Is the Enlightenment and How Did It Transform Politics?

Explore how calls for liberty, equality, and individual rights sparked revolutions around the world.

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What Are the Origins of Modern Production?

Learn about the Industrial Revolution and how technological innovations from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries continue to shape society today.

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What Is Colonialism and How Did It Arise?

Explore how colonialism enriched empires and fundamentally reshaped countries such as India.

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Prelude to the Global Era Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding.

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