Teaching Resources

World101 is a course that provides the basic knowledge on the issues, challenges, and opportunities that people face in today's connected world. The course, which will ultimately be comprised of over fifty individual multimedia modules, explains the fundamental concepts of international relations and foreign policy. Appropriate for students of all levels as well as for those outside traditional classroom settings, each module is composed of an overview video and text providing an introduction to the topic. Additional resources - from timelines to ancillary videos, slideshows, maps, charts, and infographics - enable a deeper dive into the topic and demonstrate its relevance to their daily lives.

Classroom Use

Assign a Module

Assign an individual module to your students to supplement your lesson plan.

Create a Unit

Create a unit of modules to replace or enhance your curriculum.

Leverage Resources

Leverage the bibliography, or a map, timeline, and the like, that suits your course.

All Teaching Resources

Each module has a companion teaching resource, which can be used in its entirety or piecemeal. Depending on the level of student in your class, you may want to use the difficult essay question and readings, or rely on the more basic readings and classroom exercises.