What Is Trade?

The modern era of global trade began just after World War II.

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What Gets in the Way of Free Trade?

Countries impose free-trade roadblocks for a number of reasons.

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What a Trade Deficit Means

What is a trade deficit? And, perhaps more important, what is it not?

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The Globe-Trotting Journey of a Sneaker

Learn the pros and cons of the global supply chain process of making a popular Nike shoe in this video. 

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How Trade Rules Are Written

With new challenges constantly emerging, trade agreements are adapting in order to keep up.

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Trade as Foreign Policy

When local concerns drive national trade policies, there are global consequences.

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What Happened When China Joined the WTO?

The United States thought it was directing the show when China acceded to the World Trade Organization. Instead, China wrote its own script.

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Foreign Investment 101

What is foreign investment, and what does it have to do with trade?

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Trade Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding.

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