What Is Nuclear Proliferation?

In this video on nuclear proliferation, learn why countries develop nuclear weapons—and what is being done to prevent the spread of these weapons and the possibility of nuclear war.

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How Do Countries Create Nuclear Weapons?

What is nuclear power and how can the same process that generates nuclear energy create a nuclear bomb?

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The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

What is the NPT and how has the treaty influenced the spread of nuclear weapons?

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The History of Nuclear Proliferation

What are the most significant attempts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, and have they succeeded? Explore this timeline, from the first atomic bomb to Russia’s war in Ukraine. 

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Tools of Nonproliferation

How do world leaders try to prevent nuclear war? From diplomacy to military force, learn what policy options are most effective in this video.

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The Nuclear World

Where are the world’s nuclear weapons today and whom do they protect? Explore maps, charts, and graphs to learn about current and future nuclear weapons states.

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South Africa: Why Countries Acquire and Abandon Nuclear Bombs

Why did South Africa give up its nuclear weapons? In this historical case study, learn about the only country in the world to have developed and then dismantled its nuclear program.

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Nuclear Proliferation Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding

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