What Is Monetary Policy?

From inflation to interest rates, understand the basics of monetary policy, currencies, and the flow of money in the global economy with this introductory video. 

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What Is a Central Bank and What Does It Do for You?

What is the Federal Reserve? Learn how central banks conduct monetary policy by influencing the rate of inflation, money supply, and interest rates. 

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The Global Role of the U.S. Dollar

Why is the U.S. dollar the world's most popular currency and how does it help the U.S. economy? Watch this video on the history of U.S. currency. 

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Understanding Currencies and Exchange Rates

Supply and demand influence how much a currency is worth.

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The Global Consequences of Financial Contagion

What caused the Great Recession of 2008? Learn why a financial crisis can spread around the world with our modern globalized economy. 

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The Suez Canal Crisis

Explore a historical case study on the Suez Canal to understand how monetary policy can also be used as a tool of foreign policy.

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Monetary Policy and Currencies Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding.

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