What Is Monetary Policy?

Central banks use policy to influence the amount of money in the economy, directly affecting us all.

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What Is a Central Bank and What Does It Do for You?

Central banks conduct monetary policy, which directly influences the rate of economic growth and the value of currency.

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The Global Role of the U.S. Dollar

The U.S. dollar is the world’s most popular currency, and the U.S. economy greatly benefits from that fact.

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Understanding Currencies and Exchange Rates

Supply and demand influence how much a currency is worth.

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The Global Consequences of Financial Contagion

In a world where financial problems don’t respect borders, how do you coordinate an international response?

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The Suez Canal Crisis

In 1956, the Egyptian government seized the Suez Canal from British control. When the United Kingdom, France, and Israel invaded the country, the United States responded by using financial tools.

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Monetary Policy and Currencies Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding.

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