What Is Migration?

Why do people migrate? Understand why migration means different things for individuals, countries, and economies in a globalized world.

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For Migrants, Labels Matter

What is the difference between immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers? Explore how contested definitions of migrants have a profound effect on the rights and protections of people leaving their homes.

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Migration Today

Understand where migrants come from, where they go, and why migration is increasing through maps, charts, and data.

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History of U.S. Immigration Policy

Explore how the United States has responded to migrants throughout history—from the Chinese Exclusion Act to DACA—and how immigration policy influences the society, economy, and politics of a country.

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The Lasting Effects of Emigration

When migrants seek work abroad, what does their home country gain and lose? Explore one example of a country shaped by emigration, the Philippines.

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Internally Displaced Persons: Migrants Who Do Not Cross a National Border

Who are IDPs and how are they different from refugees? Understand what happens to people who are forced from their homes but remain inside their own country through country case studies.

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