What Is Globalization?

Explore examples of globalization to understand the benefits and challenges of our increasingly interconnected world in this video.

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It Takes a Village to Make Your Medicine

Follow the global supply chain across borders and into your pill bottle.

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Trains, Planes, and Shipping Containers

Three innovations shaped how people and goods move around the world today.

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Six Essential International Organizations You Need to Know

Learn about the most prominent international organizations tackling the world’s biggest issues in this free resource.

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A Global Semiconductor Shortage

Expensive cars? Phone order delays? Learn how today’s globalized supply chain can affect our daily lives by exploring the global semiconductor shortage.

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How Globalization Affects What’s for Brunch

Globalization’s effects can appear where you least expect them—including on your plate.

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Big in China: The Global Market for Hollywood Movies

Hollywood’s relationship with the Chinese market—and its gatekeepers, Chinese government censors—is changing the way movies are made and promoted.

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Two Hundred Years of Global Communications

From the printing press to Instagram, technological advances shape how people communicate.

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Human Trafficking in the Global Era

Understand the various forms of human trafficking, including forced labor, forced marriage, and forced organ removal.

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