What Is Globalization?

Understand the benefits and challenges of our increasingly interconnected world.

It Takes a Village to Make Your Medicine

Follow the global supply chain across borders and into your pill bottle.

Trains, Planes, and Shipping Containers

Three innovations shaped how people and goods move around the world today.

Six Essential International Organizations You Need to Know

Look at the most prominent international governmental organizations tackling the world’s biggest issues.

Hitting Home: When Global Becomes Local

Actions in one part of the world often affect outcomes in another.

How Globalization Affects What’s for Brunch

Globalization’s effects can appear where you least expect them—including on your plate.

Big in China: The Global Market for Hollywood Movies

Hollywood’s relationship with the Chinese market—and its gatekeepers, Chinese government censors—is changing the way movies are made and promoted.

Two Hundred Years of Global Communications

From the printing press to Instagram, technological advances shape how people communicate.

Globalization Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding.

Globalization Reading List

Supplemental readings and other resources.

How Globalization Affects You

Explore why globalization is one of the defining realities of modern existence.

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