As many countries make economic strides, equality and sustainability remain important challenges.

Global Development Explained

Many countries have made economic strides, thanks to technology and trade, but others still face challenges.

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What Is Development?

What are the terms, trends, and debates that define international development?

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Understanding the Last Fifty Years of Global Development

Is the world better off than it was fifty years ago, and what drives these changes?

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Two Koreas, Two Development Policies

How did two countries with the same language, culture, and history turn out so differently?

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The Marshall Plan

Aid can rebuild countries, potentially in the donor’s image.

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Technology and Development

As Great Britain’s Industrial Revolution and India’s green revolution have shown, technological innovation can drive extraordinary development.

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Why Is The Free Flow of Oil Important?

Learn how oil pricing works and why it is significant in the global economy.

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A Brief History of U.S. Foreign Aid

Where and why the United States gives foreign aid has changed over time.

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The Sustainable Development Goals

In this free SDG resource, learn about the formation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and review the opportunities and challenges for meeting them.

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The Race to Develop COVID-19 Vaccines

Explore how scientists produced the COVID-19 vaccines in record time.

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Global Population Growth Is Slowing Down

After centuries of growth, experts predict global population will shrink toward the end of the twenty-first century. What does that mean for countries’ economies and geopolitical power?

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What Is Economic Inequality?

Severe disparities in wealth and income can harm individuals, countries, and the global economy.

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Why Do Taxes Matter?

A government’s ability to collect revenue can shape a country’s development trajectory.

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