What are Cyberspace and Cybersecurity?

Explore the origins and future challenges of cyberspace.

The Internet by the Numbers

As internet access increases, digital divides remain.

How Does Cyberspace Work?

See how information is transferred across the internet.

The Origins of the Internet

Learn how the internet evolved to the platform we use today.

Should the Internet Respect National Borders?

Learn more about the debate over a free and open internet.

How Companies and Governments Do (and Don’t) Protect Your Data

See how insufficient privacy laws leave your personal data vulnerable online.

The Growing Threat of Cyberattacks

Countries are racing to build dangerous new cyberweapons.

Cyberspace and Cybersecurity Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding.

Cyberspace and Cybersecurity Reading List

Supplemental readings and other resources.

How Cyberspace and Cybersecurity Affect You

Explore how cybersecurity breaches can affect your daily life.

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