What Is Climate Change?

Why the climate is changing, what it means for us, and what we can do about it.

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The Greenhouse Effect

The world is getting warmer. What role do greenhouse gas emissions play, and why is this cause for concern?

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Why Scientists Are Watching Greenland

In Greenland, climate change has created a vicious cycle of warming—and it may never stop.

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Climate Change and the Coffee Industry

Climate change is not just an environmental problem. It is also an economic one.

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What Is Water Scarcity?

The global water crisis is already here. Climate change will only make it more severe.

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Sources of Energy: A Comparison

Turning toward cleaner energy sources means factoring in economic and energy needs alongside environmental ones.

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Who Releases the Most Greenhouse Gases?

Who is at the top depends on how you interpret the data.

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Who Is Responsible for Climate Change?

Developed and developing countries disagree.

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The Paris Agreement

What actions are countries taking to address the global threat of climate change?

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The Inflation Reduction Act

What does the United States' largest-ever climate change legislation do?

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Climate Change Inequality

Explore how rising temperatures disproportionately affect certain communities.

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How Do Governments Combat Climate Change?

Explore seven ways countries are responding to a changing environment.

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Climate Change Adaptations

Explore how countries are adapting to the effects of climate change.

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How Can Artificial Intelligence Combat Climate Change?

Technology is helping countries reduce carbon emissions, but some innovations could ultimately contribute to a warming planet.

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Climate Change Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding.

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