Discover the institutions and actors responsible for shaping the country's international agenda.

Why Does U.S. Foreign Policy Matter?

In this educational video on U.S. foreign policy, learn how the United States has shaped the world with its military and economic might.

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What Roles Do Congress and the Executive Branch Play in U.S. Foreign Policy?

What does the Constitution say about foreign policy? In this free resource, explore how the powers of Congress and the president protect and advance the country’s interests abroad.

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What Is the National Security Council?

Learn how the president’s advisors protect U.S. national security and help with foreign policy decision-making and coordination across the executive branch.

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How Do Forces Outside Government Influence Policymaking?

Learn how journalism, social media, public opinion, and lobbies are all a part of American democracy and influence U.S. foreign policy.

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What Is the Relationship Between Domestic and Foreign Policy?

Understand what the consequences of unequal COVID-19 vaccine distribution demonstrate about the connection between domestic and foreign policy.

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How Do Treaties Get Made?

In this U.S. foreign policy video, understand the challenges of negotiating treaties and dive into two international climate agreements.

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U.S. Foreign Policy Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding.

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