Learn about the various ways countries influence one another.

What Tools Do Foreign Policymakers Have at Their Disposal?

Learn how leaders use political, economic, and military measures to further their countries’ interests.

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What Is Diplomacy?

Understand how countries advocate for their national interests.

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What Are Economic Sanctions?

Learn how countries use punitive economic measures to advance their foreign policy priorities.

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What Is Economic Statecraft?

Learn why China lends billions of dollars each year and the implications for recipient countries.

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What Is Trade Policy?

Explore how countries leverage their economic power to advance their national interests.

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What Is Armed Force?

Learn how countries pursue their foreign policy objectives through military action.

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What Is Deterrence?

Learn how countries dissuade bad behavior with the threat of significant punishment.

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What Is Arms Control?

Learn how countries try to regulate the world’s most powerful weapons.

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What Is Nation-Building?

Developing political, economic, security, and social institutions across borders is a complex business.

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What Is Peacekeeping?

Learn how the United Nations helps countries transition out of war.

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What Is Intelligence?

Explore how lying and spying inform policymaking.

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What Is Soft Power?

Learn how countries influence others without coercion.

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How Do Countries Select Their Foreign Policy Tools?

Explore how American policymakers have used different tools over the past century of relations with Japan.

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Tools of Foreign Policy Module Assessment

Questions to check your understanding.

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