Explore how events since 1945 have shaped today's world.

Essential Events Since 1945

Learn how the Cold War and other critical developments shaped today’s world.

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How Did the Cold War Stay Cold?

Learn how the United States and the Soviet Union avoided potentially catastrophic confrontation.

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How Did Decolonization Reshape the World?

Learn about the challenges former colonies faced in building newly independent countries.

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How Did Mass Production and Mass Consumption Take Off After World War II?

Discover how consumer goods have become cheap and ubiquitous in the global era.

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How Does History Inform the Chinese Communist Party’s Domestic and Foreign Policy Goals?

Learn how China’s transformation from a state of economic and political collapse to its rise as a global power shapes the motivations of its leaders today.

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Eleven Global Issues That Will Shape the Future

Understand the challenges that will define our lifetime.

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